Unreal Engine Course

February, 2017

Came across this great course on Udemy learning platform - Unreal Course, taught by Ben Tristem.

Decided to do first two parts and I must say I'm impressed. The tutor is very good at explaining, speaks coherently and is attentive to details.
The course is huge, with over 30 hours of video lectures.

In the first part, you go through the C++ basics, and make a simple console application game (with object-oriented programming in mind) called "Bull-Cow Game".
The goal of the game is to guess the correct isogram, before running out of tries.


The second part is more interesting, since you use the Unreal engine to create rooms, define movement physics, events etc. You also get acquainted with C++ inside the Unreal engine, and touch the subject of Unreal blueprints.
In this part, you create a classic "Escape the room" game, where you need to pick-up the correct item and put it on a pedestal to unlock the doors.


Hopefully, I can find some more time soon to go over the third part, which is also the largest one.
Well, it's been my childhood dream to make games, so I'm glad I did this! And I would highly suggest this course to anyone.

Code is available here: